This 'Lion Guard' Preview Introduces Us To Simba's Son: Watch

Thislion Guardpreview Introduces Us Simbas Son

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It's the 'Circle of Life' alright.

Disney Junior has released its first preview for its new 'Lion King' sequel, 'The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar,' and from the looks of this thing, the wheel that moves us all has given Simba (voiced by Rob Lowe in the TV movie) an exact replica of himself by way of his son, Kion (Max Charles).

And Simba II is totally up to his dad's kitten day antics, step for step, whether it's annoying the birdies -- this time, a wise egret who has a lot of friends -- or getting into hot water with hyenas.

  1. First of all, Kion likes to spend his afternoons running through the savannah and irritating all of the animals around the waterhole like someone we know. Disney Channel

    The savannah looked peaceful until this cub and his honey badger bestie started stirring things up just for funzies. Same. Oh, and that bird totally reminded us of Zazu.

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  2. There’s also a super cute lady cat whose speed and gumption impresses everyone in the Pride Lands. Disney Channel

    Kion's mom Nala (voiced by Gabrielle Union in the new movie) was a frisky young feline way back when, and she always one-upped the boy prince with her wit and speed. 'Pinned ya, again.'

  3. Speaking of which, Kion totally loves to play tag-pin, just like his old dad (and grandpa). Disney Channel

    RIP Mufasa.

  4. Annddd there’s an off-limits area called the outlands that he just has to get his paws on because curiosity killed the ... oh wait. Disney Channel

    Much like the elephant graveyard where Simba and Nala first made the unfortunate acquaintance of the hyena trio, Kion and Bunga don't listen to what his dear daddy has to say about the no-no spot and dive right in because 'Hakuna Matata' is basically wildlife speak for 'YOLO.'

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  5. So, of course, the hyenas were waiting (and hungry). Disney Channel


  6. But then the spirit of the Lion Kings past came a-roaring. Disney Channel

    RAWR. Guess who got the last laugh?

'The Lion Guard' airs on the Disney Channel in November.