This 'Scandal'-Inspired Clothing Line Would Make Olivia Pope Drool

Thisscandal Inspired Clothing Line Would Make Olivia Pope Drool

Listen up, 'gladiators in suits,' because not only is season four of Scandal nearly upon us (*insert praying hands emoji here*), but we're all one step closer to actually being the endlessly fabulous Olivia Pope least, as far as her wardrobe is concerned. The Limited teamed up with actress Kerry Washington and Scandal ’s costume designer Lyn Paolo to create a collection inspired by the show , and it's kind of amazing. Not all of us can live in Washington, D.C., have an affair with the President, and make sure America's politicians don't get sent to jail, but at least now we can look like we do.

While other TV-inspired clothing lines have fallen a little flat in the past, The Limited 'handled' this collection perfectly, and it would work just as well on-screen as it does off. Don't believe me? Check out how you can channel Olivia below.

The Limited

How Olivia Pope would wear it: The white coat is OP's signature, and when autumn hits D.C., this Cape Trench will work perfectly on top of a ~chic~ tulip sheath dress as she covers up a few murders here and there. #casual

How a normal human being would wear it: The tweed jacket is perfect for work or play, regardless of whether your work involves fleeing the country or your play is hooking up with former Intelligence Agents. Just do you, gurl.

The Limited

How Olivia Pope would wear it: The wrap coat is exactly what Olivia would roll up to her office in after a night drinking way too much red wine and worrying about whether or not she should bootycall Fitz. The graphic sheath dress , which screams, 'I might look hot, but I'm also the most professional and sophisticated woman you've ever met,' is what she'd be wearing when she sees him the next day after he rejected HER to spend time with MELLIE. Ugh. I can't even with them.

How a normal human being would wear it: If you're the kind of person who thinks you can't pull off a plaid cape , then you need to change the way you think, ASAP. Rocking trendy fall outerwear isn't just for Olivia. Neither is wearing a dress that screams, 'I'M HOT, PROFESSIONAL, AND SOPHISTICATED!' as previously noted.

The Limited

How Olivia Pope would wear it: Olivia would wear the hell out of that shimmering halter top . The sage green color is calming, but the keyhole cutout says, 'I'm a little dangerous, so don't test me, Cyrus.' The pencil skirt is the perfect thing for her to wear when she discovers Quinn and Huck in the act and needs to give them a speech on why they need to stop it. Immediately. FOREVER.

How a normal human being would wear it: The line between looking comfortable and looking like a slob is thin, but the drape-y cardigan is the perfect balance. Want to dress it up for work with some slim ankle pants ? Cool. Want to binge watch Scandal until you can't remember you're not actually Olivia Pope? Also cool.