Tierra Whack Raps Soft And Hits Hard On Wobbly 'Clones'

Tierra Whack Raps Soft

Tierra Whack can rap in multiple styles and cadences. On 2018's excellent Whack World , the globe was exposed to her rapping, singing, chanting, and hissing. One thing we haven't heard from her is her take on what's been referred to as mumble rap. Today (February 26), we can cross that off the list because she's released a new track, 'Clones,' that's all about lowly spitting.


It was only a matter of time before Whack did this. 'Clones' packs an absolutely monstrous, fifth-dimensional trap beat that the rapper immerses herself in. We've heard the enormous highs of Whack's singing range and the powerful shocks of her rapping prowess, but hearing her string syllables together in a restrained manner is another beast entirely.

On the new track, Whack keeps her voice low and her words quick. It sounds like she has a cold and is speaking from beneath her hiding spot under her blankets. As she spits her webs of raps about copycats amidst the bombastic bass, it makes for an intriguing listen that adds yet another layer to her already complex aesthetic. She can truly do anything.

Whack's latest creative triumph comes just days after she released her previous single, ' Only Child .' This makes two new Whack records in the span of a week. Prior to this, the world's best study of her artistry was Whack World 's 15 one-minute tunes. All of this activity practically guarantees something new is around the corner, or at least we hope.

Listen to the hardcore mumbling tune up above.

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