Timotheé Chalamet Is A Teen Drug Dealer In Moody Hot Summer Nights Trailer

Timothe Chalamet Is Teen Drug Dealer Moody Hot Summer Nights Trailer

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If you thought the internet's infatuation with Timotheé Chalamet was over on Oscar night, think again. Because the 22-year-old actor has not one but two films out this year, and the first, Elijah Bynum's Hot Summer Nights , just debuted its moody trailer.

In it, Chalamet stars as Daniel, a hella awkward teen who's forced to spend the summer with his aunt in Cape Cod. But his listless break is turned upside down when he forms an unlikely friendship—and business partnership—with the neighborhood drug dealer (Alex Roe) and falls in love with his new friend's enigmatic sister (Maika Monroe). Set in the '90s (you can tell by Daniel's affinity for polos), and written and directed by Bynum, Hot Summer Nights looks like a wild ride—one that gets progressively darker and more dangerous.


Sure, it's not quite as idyllic as a summer in Italy, but there could be worse places to come of age.

Hot Summer Nights will be available exclusively on DIRECTV on June 28 and released in theaters on July 27.