Tinashe Describes How Rihanna Bought 'Joyride' And The Journey She Went On To Get It Back

Tinashe Describes How Rihanna Boughtjoyrideand Journey She Went Get It Back

The road to Tinashe 's Joyride has been tumultuous. The R&B singer's second studio album has been over two years in the making, with various potholes derailing its release. In a candid interview with Vulture , Tinashe describes how she bought Joyride 's title track back from Rihanna , who intended to use it for her 2016 album, Anti .

'We bought it back,' Tinashe said. 'It’s kind of crazy and I’m not even 100 percent sure what happened. We created the track, I wanted it for my project, then all of a sudden I found out — I was told — that she had purchased the whole concept and beat for her project. Eventually when that didn’t come out on her project, I was like, Yup … still want it! I named my album after it.'


Later in the interview, the ' Faded Love ' singer answers a question about the similarities between her story and Rihanna taking SZA 's ' Consideration ' for her eighth studio album.

'At least Rihanna left SZA on the song,' Tinashe said. 'That’s nice. It’s interesting because you’re collaborating with a lot of different people who are also adding pieces and parts to your music. So when that happens, you have to have a good amount of synergy. It is a business and there are business opportunities that people want to take. For me, it’s about maintaining the core and staying focused on making the best music.'

Tinashe's Joyride will finally release on Friday (April 13), title track and all. Read her entire Vulture interview here .