Tom Hanks Was Finally Reunited With Wilson From 'Cast Away': Watch

Tom Hanks Was Finally Reunited With Wilson Fromcast Away

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It took 15 years, but Tom Hanks was finally reunited with Wilson, his volleyball co-star from the movie Cast Away.' They two got reacquainted at a New York Rangers hockey game recently, and it feels so good.

The Oscar-winning actor, 58, was spotted in the crowd at the Rangers’ home game on Wednesday (February 4). At one point, he was suddenly featured on the Jumbotron, where he humbly bowed his head to the applause before someone off-camera tossed him his long lost volleyball BFF, who, not surprisingly, is still the same strong, silent type he always was.

In the 2000 film (spoiler alert!), Hanks’ Chuck Noland lost Wilson at sea while trying to escape the desert island they were stranded on. The scene with Noland crying as Wilson floated away out of reach was gut wrenching.

But you know how you have that friend that you see after an extended period of time, and when you see them it’s like no time had passed? Well, that’s how it was with these two.

Once the pleasantries were over, it was back to rooting for the home team.

Let’s go Rangers! they chanted.

Don’t you just love happy endings?

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