Tom Hardy Looked Like A Fancy 19th Century Oil Baron At ‘The Revenant’ Premiere

Tom Hardy Looked Like Fancy 19th Century Oil Baron Revenant Premiere

While many of the stars of ' The Revenant ' are covered in blood, muck and grime for pretty much all of the film, at last night's (December 16) Los Angeles premiere they cleaned up amazingly well -- although Tom Hardy still kind of looks like he's living that 19th century life when it comes to his fashion sense. Check out the pics:

  • Seriously, take a gander at this upstanding member of society. Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

    The waistcoat! The pocket watch! The genteel mustache! All he needs is a monocle and he's ready to travel around the world in eighty days.

  • Let's get an up-close look: Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

    Dang, son, that is some dapper accessorizing. He looks like he's about to drink my milkshake a la 'There Will Be Blood.'

  • Of course Leonardo DiCaprio was also there, with matching facial hair. Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

    Bros who mustache together make a splash together. That's a saying, right?

  • And their co-star Grace Dove looked simply smashing. Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage
  • So did Will Poutler , in that he looks like he wants to smash things. Steve Granitz/WireImage
  • Whereas Domhnall Gleeson is clearly using the Force on people. Steve Granitz/WireImage

    Geez, one 'Star Wars' movie and he's already acting like a Sith Lord on the red carpet.

    Yes sir, that is one fine-looking cast.

    Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

    Can't wait to see them all try to kill each other in the snow next week at the movie theater!

'Revenant' hits theaters December 25.