Tom Hiddleston Reveals Why He’s Okay With His ‘Crimson Peak’ Nude Scene

Tom Hiddleston Reveals Why He S Okay With His Crimson Peak Nude Scene

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

está salvando o Sr. Banks de uma história verdadeira

' Crimson Peak ' has been billed as a gothic romance, although most of us have only seen the 'gothic' part in the commercials; you know, all the ghosts and the blood and the old creepy hallways. But rest assured that there's some very steamy romance to be had in the movie between Mia Wasikowska and Tom Hiddleston -- and in particular, Tom Hiddleston's butt.

MTV News caught up with Hiddleston to ask the question that's on everyone's mind -- does the actor feel self-conscious about performing nude scenes in movies, knowing that he has the potential to totally break the Internet?

'If it's part of the story and its intrinsic to it, I don't have any vanity about that, specifically with 'Crimson Peak,'' Hiddleston admitted,' It's a gothic romance, and underneath a gothic romance are these polarizing forces of sex and death.

'I realized that scene in 'Crimson Peak' is such a huge and profound part of the story,' he added. 'That's where the love story begins, and it comes out of a sexuality, so I was kind of okay with that.'

But that doesn't mean Hiddleston isn't a little squeamish about baring everything for the entire world to see.

'Nobody should be subjected to that, who am I kidding,' he joked.

quando todos nós adormecemos

It's okay, Tom! We're definitely -- definitely -- not complaining.

'Crimson Peak' is in theaters today, October 16.