The Top 12 Most Ridiculously Cheesy Prom Songs Ever

Top 12 Most Ridiculously Cheesy Prom Songs Ever

Today our mission is to rewrite the list of the cheesiest, most ridiculous prom songs ever. Some of them will be wonderful. Others, just plain terrible. But none of them will be Chris DeBurgh 's 'Lady In Red.' Why in the world are they still playing that slop at prom? It's the romantic equivalent of 'The Hokey Pokey.' And while we're at it, are you familiar with the mind-boggling lyrics of Eric Clapton 's unkillable prom wrecker, Creed video without bumming you out by being a Creed video.

+ 'Thunder,' by Boys Like Girls

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Your voiiiiiiice! Oh MAN! If you're already slow-dancing face-to-face when the epic chorus of this new-school tear-jerker hits and you don't make out, check your chest for a heart.

+ 'Imma Put It On Her,' by Day26

Subtlety is great, but sometimes you gotta just cut right to the chase. Day26 pull no punches on this prom-ready, perv-out, egging on the shiest of dancers with lines like, 'Booty bumpin’ like the sounds in my car (she should)/ Let me take it up a notch/ Get her off the block/ Take her to my spot and it’s on!'

+ 'Let Me Love You,' by Mario

Dudes. No matter how bad of a scrub you are, when Mario's bumping hard out of the PA, you become righteous just by association (although if you're really bad it may have the opposite effect). Look: 'If I was your man, baby you'd/ Never worry 'bout what I do/ I be comin' home back to you/ Every night, doing you right.' On top of that, this beat could make a corpse do a neckpop. See also: The Remix .

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+ Sarah McLachlan

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No! Cut! This will not do! I'm sorry Sarah McLachlan, but 'I Will Remember You' should be pulled from every prom playlist. Despite what the desperately jealous loneliness on the faces of your middle-aged chaperones may tell you, prom is not a funeral! It's not even graduation. And, while closing your eyes is totally acceptable behavior during a slow dance, it's not cool to fall asleep. Or worse... 'You Can Get It All,' by Bow Wow

The beat on Bow Wow's new banger may not exactly be conducive to dancing close and whispering sweet nothings, but it's suggestive and sappy enough to be the perfect lead-in to a slow-burning ballad.

+ 'You And Me,' by Lifehouse

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If you've never been kissed, keep your ears perked up for this one. Anybody who's ever seen a movie knows that there's a fool-proof three-step process that goes 1) swelling music, 2) deep, meaningful eye contact, 3) passionate frenching. On 'You And Me,' Lifehouse knock out the first two steps ('I can't take my eyes off of you...'), leaving you with only one option. This principle also applies to Lonestar 's ' Amazed .'

+ 'When You Look Me In The Eyes,' by Jonas Brothers

Although it may be a bit of a romantic buzzkill thinking of three brothers making meaningful eye contact as they sing this one, you can't deny that these lyrics are pure Velveeta: 'Gonna tell you that I love you/ In the best way that I can/ I can't take a day without you here/ You're the light that makes my darkness disappear.'

Clearly this isn't even the tip of the iceberg. Submit your own cheesy favorites in the comments section!