The Top 25 'Tiny Toon Adventures' Characters, Ranked

Top 25tiny Toon Adventurescharacters

Want to feel old? Here, let's feel old: ' Tiny Toon Adventures ' turns 25 today (September 14). Yep! That's how far away from Acme Looniversity we are these days. Not so furry and funny now, is it?

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But even if the Tiny Toons make you feel old, you can't deny the nostalgia they still hit you over the head with like an anvil. So on their silver anniversary, let's take a minute to salute all the Acme Acres denizens that helped us through the '90s:

  1. Marcia the Martin Warner Bros. Animation

    Any friend of Plucky's is a friend of mine, but Marvin's Martian niece could have used a little more screen time.

  2. Bookworm Warner Bros. Animation

    Stick to the library, little guy.

  3. Little Beeper Warner Bros. Animation

    Fast, but not fast enough.

  4. Barky Marky Warner Bros. Animation

    Who's Barky Marky?

  5. Arnold the Pit Bull Warner Bros. Animation

    Easy on the roids, big dog.

  6. Fowlmouth Warner Bros. Animation

    He never flipped the bird, but he still needed to clean up his language.

  7. Concord Condor Warner Bros. Animation

    Moe hair for life.

  8. Furrball Warner Bros. Animation


  9. Sweetie Pie Warner Bros. Animation

    Cute can only get you so far, Sweetie.

  10. Byron Basset Warner Bros. Animation

    Is he a dog, or the warmest blanket on the planet? Pretty great either way.

  11. Mary Melody Warner Bros. Animation

    The only human at Acme Looniversity without a mean bone in her body. Unfortunately for Mary, we like our toons to have a little bit of a mean streak.

  12. Calamity Coyote Warner Bros. Animation

    If he spent less time chasing Little Beeper, and more time on his science projects, Calamity would not only move higher on the list, but would become a great asset to all toon-kind.

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  13. Dizzy Devil Warner Bros. Animation

    Simultaneously yucky and a ladies' man.

  14. Li'l Sneezer Warner Bros. Animation

    He was supposed to rank lower, but then he sneezed and sailed up higher on the list. Go figure! Such is nature.

  15. Gogo Dodo Warner Bros. Animation

    He's insane.

  16. Fifi La Fume Warner Bros. Animation

    She stinks, but you love her anyway. Go get it, Fifi.

  17. Shirley the Loon Warner Bros. Animation

    Like, she's pretty awesome.

  18. Hamton J. Pig Warner Bros. Animation

    Only eighth place? I'm afraid that's all, folks.

  19. Montana Max Warner Bros. Animation

    He paid me to rank him this high. I'm not above taking bribes from toons.

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  20. Elmyra Duff Warner Bros. Animation

    The Save The Toons Foundation paid me to rank Elmyra this high. I'm not above taking bribes from nonprofits if it means keeping overly aggressive animal lovers at bay.

  21. Plucky Duck Warner Bros. Animation

    Oh, rapture! Perhaps this high placement will help him land the Hollywood deal of his dreams.

  22. Buster Bunny Warner Bros. Animation

    Any friend of Bugs is a friend of mine, but he's not quite as good as his better half…

  23. Babs Bunny Warner Bros. Animation

    Don't call her Barbara Anne, but do call her one of the best Tiny Toons of them all.

  24. Bugs Bunny and the Acme Looniversity Faculty Warner Bros. Animation

    Fair? No, probably not, but when did Bugs Bunny and his friends ever play fair? Besides, there's still one Toon who trumps them all…

  25. Baby Plucky Warner Bros. Animation

    Ele-lator go down the hole and up to the top of the rankings. Well earned, Baby Plucky. Now go push the button.