Tove Lo Explains Why She Won't Stop Flashing People At Her Shows

Tove Lo Explains Why She Wont Stop Flashing People Her Shows

Manchester, TN -- If you've been hitting the festival circuit this summer, then no doubt you've seen Tove Lo ...

And her boobs.

The Swedish singer has been freeing her nipple all over the country and the Bonnaroo Music Festival stage was no exception. While singing 'Talking Body,' Tove gave the crowd something else to talk about when she proudly flashed them all.

'I started just by showing a little bit of boob or just being sassy and everyone got so excited and then one night I just did it,' she said to MTV News at Bonnaroo of how it all started. 'I was like 'Why should I not be able to do it? I should just do it if I want to and everyone gets so amped up and a lot of girls, and guys, are flashing me now and taking their clothes off. It get's very heated and I like that.'

While Tove Lo's on-stage antics may have started off as something fun, it has morphed into a strong and powerful feminist statement.

MTV | Gavin Alaoen

'I hate when someone tells me I can't do something because I'm a girl, then I'll do it twice as much...' she said. 'It really means something to people because I stand for something that I'm already standing for, that I take for granted, that everybody stands for. For me it's weird if someone says they are not a feminist. How could you not be for equality? And I think anyone that wants to should be able to show their boobs.'

MTV | Gavin Alaoen