Tove Lo Makes Love To A Puppet In Extremely NSFW 'Disco Tits' Video

Tove Lo Makes Love Puppet Extremely Nsfwdisco Titsvideo

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Tove Lo commemorated the release of her 2016 album, Lady Wood , by also putting out a short film called Fairy Dust that explored female sexuality so closely that it got removed from YouTube before eventually being added back. (You can watch it in full now.) Earlier this year, she released another short called Fire Fade that found her literally crawling up the walls like a spider.

In keeping with those themes, Tove Lo's latest visual is a new music video for ' Disco Tits ,' and it's a six-minute psychedelic trip co-starring a puppet who quickly becomes her love interest for an unforgettable night of debauchery.

The premise here is simple: The puppet (who somehow goes entirely unnamed!) is interviewing Tove Lo, but she's had enough of the 'vanilla' questions, so they book it out of there and hit the road , man. They kiss on the open road, living dangerously, which eventually leads to, well... more, as it often does.

I should point out here that as they drive, the puppet flashes to become man a few times, which potentially reveals that he's actually a real dude but is just a metaphorical puppet of the industry, of course. Tove Lo's new album, Blue Lips , is due out sometime before the end of 2017.

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Watch every NSFW interaction between her and the puppet go down (lol) in the video above.