Tove Lo’s New Short Film Is So Intense, It Was Removed From YouTube

Tove Lo S New Short Film Is Intense

Fresh off the release of her sophomore album, Lady Wood , Tove Lo has unleashed a 31-minute short film that tackles themes of sexuality, obsession, feminism, and probably a dozen more things you’ll miss on the first view.

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The Lemonade -style film, titled Fairy Dust , features five tracks from Lady Wood : Influence, Lady Wood, True Disaster, Cool Girl, and Vibes. There’s a lot going on here: First, Tove is manically laughing then wheezily sobbing her way through a motel, then she hits a dark nightclub, crashes her car in downtown L.A., buzzes her hair, grinds atop a glass casket in the desert, and sets her motel room ablaze. In the NSFW end credits scene, she’s seen masturbating while a brand-new song, What I Want for the Night (Bitches), plays.

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Fairy Dust was apparently so intensely sexual that it was removed from YouTube and is now only available on Vevo . To which Tove simply says, HA. Watch the whole thing here .

On Twitter, the Swedish singer said Fairy Dust is about the never ending escape and all the rushes that come with it. It’s also the first installment of a two-part series that involves another album and short film, expected in 2017. According to EW , that sequel LP and film will chronicle climaxes and comedowns and explore what happens when those sparks start to cool. Intriguing!