Travis Scott Goes Full Robocop For His New Short Film ‘Birds In The Trap’

Travis Scott Goes Full Robocop

Travis Scott has released a companion film to his latest album, Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight .

The new film, called just Birds in the Trap, is a slow-burning exploration of consciousness and mortality set in the urban ruins of Detroit. Travis drives around with his friends after getting into a fight with his girlfriend, only to have his journey cut short by a nasty car crash out of nowhere.

That's when the video takes a turn for the surreal, as Travis stands outside his own body watching himself go into surgery, and then leaves the hospital altogether to join a cyborg enclave in an abandoned building.

He's the Robocop for a new generation, though it doesn't seem like he's about to let himself be used as a super weapon for any kind of government task force. Instead, his cyborg second life seems like the perfect opportunity for him to work out some personal issues.