'Tron: Legacy' Trailer Vs. The Original 'Tron' Trailer: How Do They Stack Up?

Tron Legacytrailer Vs

Today is the big day, people. After 28 years, ' Tron ' finally gets its sequel. The world has changed a lot in those three decades, and while the story of 'Tron' is fresh in our minds thanks to the revitalized franchise, the visuals from the film weren't. So we went back and watched the original 'Tron' trailer and then watched the trailer for ' Tron: Legacy ' immediately afterwards. The effect was a bit jarring, to say the least.

So, in honor of 'Tron: Legacy' finally hitting theaters today, we decided to take a look back at the original 'Tron' trailer from 1982 and compare it to the one for 'Tron: Legacy.' So hit the jump to watch both trailers and stick around for our analysis. In the words of every trailer nowadays: You will be unprepared!

First, take a peek at the 'Tron: Legacy' trailer...

Now, have a look at the original 'Tron' trailer...

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Now, read our comparison of the two...

'Tron' Hates Computers, 'Tron: Legacy' Loves 'Em

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'The computer: an extension of the human intellect,' the narrator for the 'Tron' trailer says to kick it off. 'The Encom 511, center of the most calculating intelligence on Earth. Programmed by Master Control to survive by all means. Soon the ultimate tool will become the ultimate enemy.' Dun dun dun! If that doesn't sound like the opening to the sequel of '2001: A Space Odyssey,' then I don't know what does. Americans were still pretty terrified of computers back in the 1980s when 'Tron' came out, and the film is representative of their fear of what an all-powerful computer is capable of. Nowadays, we're all a bit computer obsessed, and you can tell by just how awe-inspiring the world of 'Tron: Legacy' is that the focus of these films has shifted to the way our society has been changed by its technological reliance. Though of course now we care more about how cool the computer generated images look.

Flynn's Arcade is Just the Same, and Jeff Bridges Sort of Is Too

That shot of Flynn's Arcade in the 'Tron' trailer is pretty much the exact same one that is used in 'Tron: Legacy,' which certainly gets our geek banner flying. But nothing quite shows us how much time has passed between these two films than our first introduction to Kevin Flynn. Look how cute and cocky young Jeff Bridges is! We're excited to see how the Clu vs. Flynn dynamic plays out in 'Tron: Legacy,' but no amount of CGI can replicate that youthful vigor. We just want to pinch his cheeks he's so cute!

The Computer World Has Evolved -- Thank the MCP

The CGI in 'Tron' must have looked pretty cool back in the '80s, but the introductory shot of the Master Control Program to introduce prospective viewers to the world inside the computer is pretty cheesy by today's standards. Compare that to the first look inside the computer world in 'Tron: Legacy,' and that's all you need to see to get sucked into this film. The environment director Joe Kosinski created is crisp and futuristic and gorgeous, and it's everything we know we're going to love about this movie. Every little element of the world that was introduced in 'Tron' has been lovingly recreated and updated for 'Tron: Legacy,' pretty much guaranteeing that generations to come will have difficulty taking a serious look back at the original film's very basic CGI.

How do you think the original 'Tron' trailer compares to the 'Tron: Legacy' trailer?