Troye Sivan Had The Best Reaction To His Nude Photo Leaking

Troye Sivan Had Best Reaction His Nude Photo Leaking

Following Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom ’s recent nude photo leaks, Troye Sivan is the latest victim to have his private pics posted. Thankfully, the 21-year-old’s penis isn’t floating around the internet like those other two, but he did confirm last night (September 14) that an almost nude photo is out there.

To his credit, the Wild singer took control of the narrative, sharing a screenshot of a text conversation with his manager in which he decides, I look good.

Yes, the pic is out there, but before you go hunting for it, read Sivan’s next tweet, in which he politely asks fans to be considerate of his feelings.

His request is totally legit — this is a massive invasion of privacy, after all. Thankfully, he has one hell of a supportive fandom, which wasted no time rallying behind him and trending the hashtag #RespectTroye.

Nicely done, everyone.