'True Life: I'm Supporting My Family' - UPDATE

True Life Im Supporting My Family Update

Unique and Gina have big news to share since appearing on 'True Life: I'm Supporting My Family'...

Hey everyone! It's Unique and Stephen from True Life: I'm Supporting My Family . I am doing real well and still living in Missoula. We are starting to get caught up with bills but it still gets rough from time to time...We are working hard and working together, and for the first time we are getting somewhere. Ashyn is going awesome, Cassie, Kris and Ashyn all moved out on Valentine's Day, and are really happy in their new home. The girls are doing awesome, they have been working hard on their grades and making lots of progress. Dominick is fantastic and is really excited to start school soon. As for me, Stephen and I have some big news, and are really excited to tell the world that we will be getting married later this year! We are both very happy and excited to be starting our life together and being one big happy family. Thanks again for all of your support, it really means a lot to us!

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-Unique & Stephen


Hey guys! This is Gina from ' True Life: I'm Supporting My Family '. I want to thank everyone for their support, I've gotten tons of e-mails. You guys are awesome! I just got certified to work with people with disabilities. I'm so stoked about that! We all moved out from our old apartment into a much cheaper apartment! Things have gotten a lot better. My mom is working some odd jobs here and there, and my brother is done with school and is looking for a full-time job at the moment. He plans on going to college in a year and a half. My dad's health has gotten worse. His kidneys and heart are shot. So we're taking him to tons of specialists. My mom's diabetes is now controlled, but she can do limited work. I'm still with my baby, Anthony, he ROCKS! LOL He has been so supportive and amazing. Well, that's about it, take care and God Bless!