'True Life' Update: Do Christopher's Parents Finally Approve Of His Time-Traveling Alien Cult?

True Lifeupdate Do Christophers Parents Finally Approve His Time Traveling Alien Cult

MTV's ' True Life: I'm Starting A Religion ' followed two young people who are hoping to pioneer the next great faith. We had an opportunity to check in with Christopher and Unicole Unicron to see how their lives have changed since filming wrapped. Take a look at our follow-up Q&As below:


What was it like having a camera crew follow you around? What was the hardest part?

I had noticed how weird it was to say something, then have everyone around you be dead silent, because it is their job to be dead silent. Normally, if I were to say something and people kept responding with silence, it would likely mean I was being offensive or somehow making everyone feel uncomfortable.

Was it easy to talk out your thoughts to someone every time you did something?

In some ways, it was nice to talk my thoughts out to someone. I'm not used to people expressing much interest in how I'm feeling or thinking in any particular moment, so it was fun and felt nice to have people whose job it was to be interested.


The People of Ieya are from the future. How many people are there? What are their names?

'The People of Ieya' can refer to a few different things. For example, being part of the Ieya community (an Ieya cult member) makes you one of 'The People of Ieya.' 'The Ieya' refers both to a concept and a group of individuals who exist in the future. As a concept, the Ieya is in reference to whatever it is that causes matter to eventually organize and assemble into complex machines that then create other complex machines. That force is refereed to as 'The Ieya.'

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'The Ieya' may also refer to five future beings who embody certain attributes. For example, Jeoweou and Meowiou. This is one person who exists simultaneously in two separate bodies -- one male, one female. The People of Ieya are those people associated somehow with the Ieya, either in terms of the concept or the collection of five individuals that exist in our future.

How has the relationship with your parents changed since seeing you as a cult leader?

I think it is still too early to say if anything has changed. It has only been like, a month-and-a-half since the pageant and my parents being here. That being said, shortly before my parents left Chicago, my mom said something like, 'You're not the baby anymore,' which surprised me. As the youngest, I've always been the baby. So perhaps to some degree, seeing the pageant has helped my parents see me as more grown up than they previously had...?

You explain your religion as a sci-fi religion. How do you think that relates to other popular religions?

Referring to The People of Ieya as a sci-fi religion is meant to express a couple different things. It allows me to signal right away that the cult has a future-oriented posture, unlike most every other religion (even Scientology in certain ways), which tend to be oriented backwards, towards the past. Rather than revering mythical stories from the ancient past, we revere mythical stories from the future.

In the episode, we see you very busy and hectic. Have you thought about enlisting some help with your cult?

Yes, I would very much like to enlist help. And not only to help make the work load lighter but because I tend to be more introverted, and large collaboration is not something I’m very good at. Because of this, it would be extremely helpful for me to have some type of right-hand person...to help do those things which don’t come as easily to me or are at least not as enjoyable.

We learned that you're an artist. Are you working on any new projects? In your eyes, how does art play a role in religion?

All of my artwork ultimately ties back to The People of Ieya. Everything I am doing as an artist is an extension of this larger piece. For example, I am working on a series of videos, some of me talking, some are stop-motion animation.

Something a lot of people can relate to in your story is feeling like they are different from their family. Do you have any words of advice to anyone who may be feeling this way?

I would suggest one learn to accept and even embrace your differences. Besides, if [your family doesn't] understand or appreciate you, there's a good chance something similar is happening in the other direction -- you don’t understand and appreciate them either. Instead of expecting them to come all of the way to you, meet them halfway. Recognize there are some fundamental differences between you that may not ever change, and that is okay.

What's the message you want everyone to take away from this episode?

The takeaway I would like people to have from the episode is, 'Hey look at me! Pay attention to me!!'

Unicole Unicron

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What was it like having a camera crew follow you around?

It felt totally natural. It's something I've consistently imagined since I was pretty young, so it was very exciting to finally manifest this into my reality! The hardest part was trying not to worry too much about how I was acting and just trusting that I was being authentic in my expression.

Was it easy to talk out your thoughts to someone every time you did something?

I absolutely love talking about all of my ideas and my work. It was an honor to be able to do so on camera.

Religion is a touchy subject -- were you conscious of that when speaking about it?

I have thought deeply about how my messages are received. Every time I present my ideas, I do my best to be aware of the audience and the people I'll be reaching. I am careful with how I present UNICULT, but I have found that so many people are very, very receptive to the ideas, even people I wouldn't expect to be. Since UNICULT works hard to not contradict any other religions, I think it offers a safe space for people to be open minded and accepting. All that being said, I know that the word 'cult' really does strike fear into the heats of some, so I try to make it as sparkly and innocent as I can besides that.

What was the hardest part about starting over in a new city?

The hardest part is the loneliness and feeling like you're never going to be surrounded by people who understand you! I was so grateful to talk with my sister and have her reassure me that everything I'm shooting for will eventually come to pass, and I don't have to be lonely for long if I make the effort to make genuine connections with people around me.

Why do you choose pop music to spread your message? How do you find inspiration for your music? How does it tie to your beliefs?

'Pop' stands for 'popular,' which is ultimately my goal with these messages. Additionally, as a conspiracy theorist, the hidden messaging in pop music are my favorite conspiracy theories, and I've spent a lot of time 'studying' them. No matter how much or how little messaging there is in regular pop music, I have come to understand that these messages, whether purposeful or accidental, do influence the end user. There are many studies being done which are coming to this same conclusion, so for me, making pop music is a great way to benefit the end user and to recruit a lot of people to UNICULT.

What advice would you have to someone who is feeling depressed and/or suicidal?

Join UNICULT! Believe whatever you want to believe! Reject outside influence and empower your heart! This is a huge topic, and I have detailed advice available in much of my media. I am also working on something called Program for Joy, which will be a regimented program specifically to heal depression.

Now that you have a great base of followers in Seattle, what's your favorite aspect of the city?

The culture, absolutely. Seattle is so progressive in terms of being feminist, accepting of gay/transgender communities, and even I would say, somewhat anti-capitalist or at least anti-government corruption. It's a huge relief to see an entire culture of people who are thinking deeply about acceptance and embracing it.

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You seem to have taught yourself a lot of trades in the arts. Any tips on people looking to start creating their own content?

Ignore the rules. Ignore what you think you 'can' and 'can't' do. Just create. It might not look like how you expected. It might not look like anything else you've ever seen. But that's the point -- to create unique content to better yourself and the world!

What's the message you want everyone to take away from this episode?

You can be happy. You can be fulfilled. You can live the life your true heart wants you to live. We can make our future bright!