'True Life' Update: Does Marissa Still Want Plastic Surgery To Look Like An Anime Character?

True Lifeupdate Does Marissa Still Want Plastic Surgery Look Like An Anime Character

MTV's 'True Life: I'm Living Anime' followed two people who look like they stepped out of a Japanese anime. We had an opportunity to check in with Marissa and Barry to see how their lives have changed since filming wrapped. Take a look at our follow-up Q&As below:

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Have you been able to move out of your parents' house yet? If not, when do you plan to do so?

I just moved out recently, actually, to an apartment with one of my friends. It’s been so exciting to have all this freedom.

Has the relationship with your mom improved since we last saw you?

My relationship with my mom hasn’t improved much. We are still arguing a lot about a lot of things, but I think it’ll start to die down now that I’ve moved out and into my own apartment.

Have you or your mom taken any steps to help her become more open to the idea of you dressing anime on a daily basis?

Neither of us has taken any steps to help my mom become more open, and I haven’t toned down my look at all. Since I moved out, my view of the situation is that her opinion doesn’t matter anymore because I’m out of her house.

You expressed having second thoughts about plastic surgery -- have you given it any more thought?

I have, and I decided that I’m too young to be doing anything like this right now. I’m going to wait a couple of years to mature, grow older and wiser, and then I will make my decision.

Did you tell your mom about the consultation with the plastic surgeon?

I have not told my mom about the consultation. She is going to find out the way every one else will -- by watching the episode.

Are there any big conventions you plan to attend? Will you try to get your mom to go with you?

I’m going to be attending Anime Matsuri in Houston in February, and I’m super excited. My mom definitely doesn’t want to go to any more conventions with me, so I won’t even bother trying to convince her.

What steps have you taken in your journey to move to Japan to practice your makeup artistry?

I haven’t taken any new steps, but I’m continuing to save as much money as I can in order to do it. I’m still learning how to speak Japanese, which is a huge step in itself.

Have you been in touch with Toria at all since you met at San Japan?

I have not been in touch with Toria other than talking to her after I left San Japan to say that I had a great time and I’d love to see her again in the future.


How is your wig business going?

It's going well! I’ve been working nonstop, and I had to hire someone to help me get all of my orders out the door on time. I just did a Black Friday sale, and we had so many wig orders that when I went into the store to buy boxes, they asked if I was moving.

What steps are you taking to help grow the business?

I've noticed that a lot of other cosplayers who sell wigs have really high prices, so I decided that I wanted to be an economical seller. Since I dropped the prices, I’ve gotten a ton of new commissions. I’m trying to be what I call the 'Walmart of Wigs.'

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Have you created your YouTube channel to help promote yourself and your wigs?

I actually just filmed my first few videos last week, but I haven’t had the chance to edit them yet. I’m excited for everyone to see them when I finally finish.

Did winning an award at Anime California help you with your business?

Honestly, it wasn’t anything major. I did make a couple of contacts and sold a few wigs, but I was focused on the competition.

What steps are you taking to continue moving up in the cosplay world?

I'm just trying to constantly have my costumes look good. I’m doing my best to make more creative costumes, do photo shoots and attend events. That’s really the best way for me to climb the ladder.

Are there any other big conventions coming up that you plan to attend, or any competitions?

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I just recently attended Comikaze, where I was on an LGBT panel, which was fun since there was a good turnout. I’m going to be on another panel at Anime LA in January, and I think I’m going to try to compete with a 'Star Wars' costume.

Have you kept up with your diet and weight-loss strategy? If so, have you seen any results?

I don’t have a lot of time to really worry about food anymore. I’m at a stable weight, and I’m happy with just being myself at this point.

How are your friends? Are you planning on doing another group costume with them?

Everyone is doing great! I don’t get to see them all that often when we aren’t at conventions, so we try to do group costumes whenever we can. That gives us a reason to see each other. We went to Comikaze in a Monster High group costume, which was pretty awesome.