'True Life' Updates: Did The Couples In 'Crazy, Young Love' Stay Together?

True Lifeupdates Did Couples Incrazy

There's no explaining crazy, young love, but on last night's special episode of ' True Life ,' a handful of young romantics gave it their best shot.

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Equipped with their own cameras, three couples were tasked with documenting the intimate highs and lows of their relationships across 30 days. Issues of jealousy, commitment and even a potential pregnancy popped up within a month's time, but who was able to clear the hurdles ahead of them? And did any pair buckle under the pressure? See for yourself:

Victoria and Kenny, who were together for four months when cameras began to roll, found themselves in a game of tug-of-war over whether Kenny would move in with Victoria. In his eyes, such a change was entirely too premature, but Victoria, who'd moved more than a thousand miles to live close to her boyfriend, disagreed. In the catch-up clip above, it sounds like she ultimately won out. 'So far, it's a pretty good idea,' Kenny concedes. 'I'm glad I did.' And did Victoria mention a WEDDING on the horizon?

Jealousy proved to be a huge issue for Codi and Duvanna, who had been together for about a year at the episode's start. Duvanna couldn't seem to shake the fear that Codi would be swept away by someone more desirable than she. Has her paranoia subsided? 'We are still together,' Codi affirms above. 'We just got a new house, actually, and I can honestly say that we're better than ever.'

Internet celebrities Sophy and Robert, whose emotional story was left on a pregnancy scare cliffhanger, clear up any misconceptions right away in the segment above. 'Hells to the no -- we do not plan on starting a family anytime soon,' Sophy says. 'As you can see, [Robert] still acts like he's five years old, so why on Earth would I bring another kid into this world?' Fair enough!

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