Try To Catch Eminem's Hidden Rhymes In The 'Kings Never Die' Lyric Video

Try Catch Eminems Hidden Rhymes Thekings Never Dielyric Video

Eminem's rhymes on 'Kings Never Die' are about as ' Phenomenal ' as his last 'Southpaw' single.

And Slim Shady opted to highlight those verses in the lyric vid for the Gwen Stefani-assisted cut. The clip - which is boxing related, of course - also showcases some of the double meanings and hidden topical schemes Marshall placed throughout his raps.

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Here's a look at some of those hidden gems:

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  • Slim Dropped These Ferocious Dog Bars EminemVEVO

    The lines leading up to this help the dog scheme make sense: 'How ‘bout that?/ I’m somehow now back/ to the underdog/ but no matter how loud that/ I bark, this sport is never something I bow out at. See? Underdog, bark and bow wow. Bam! Slim, you clever dog, you.

  • And A Boxing Tie-In For Good Measure EminemVevo

    The only time Em's ever been out in a bout was when he was out and about on the town. This flip is also dope because the song was done for a boxing film where Billy Hope (played by Jake Gyllenhaal) is often seen as if he's down in bouts because of his fighting style. In the movie, he likes to get bloody before he starts fighting back. That's why he spends most of his screen time lookin' all sorts of scraped up.

  • He Also Delivered A Few Car Lines - He Is From Michigan After All EminemVEVO

    The car scheme is actually pretty spectacular here. 'I think I see why a/ lot of rappers get on these features and try to show out on a track with me,' he raps. 'But it’d actually have to be/ a f—in’ blow-out to get me to retire. From race tracks to tires getting blown out, Em really paints the picture. And the lyric video's little drawings help drive that point home. See what I did there? Drive.

  • And He Dropped A Few Poster Bars For Stans Fans EminemVEVO

    Did you catch this poster scheme? Try to follow here. 'It just goes to show when my back’s against the wall and I’m under attack again that I’ll act as if I’m ‘posed ta with this pent-up rage.' The double meanings? Wall is well, wall. But then it gets trickier. Attack becomes a tack, 'posed ta becomes poster and pent-up becomes pin up. In the end, you get different ways to put your Slim Shady photograph up in your room, Stan-steez.

  • Just Give Em His Honor, Please EminemVEVO

    Does Em feel like he's had his honor tossed? Well, we're not sure, but this line is an interesting way to analyze that. 'I ain’t stoppin’ ’til I’m on top again/ all alone and on a throne,' he rhymes. But in the lyric video, you see that 'on a throne' could also be 'honor thrown,' something that follows 'Kings Never Die's' theme.

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  • Watch The Full Vid Below

    There are plenty of more hidden gems to find here. Let us know what you discover in the comments.

The 'Southpaw' soundtrack is out now and you can listen to it here .