Two iCarly Stars Reunited At Nickelodeon Animation Headquarters

Two Icarly Stars Reunited Nickelodeon Animation Headquarters

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Even though iCarly ended four years ago, the cast still makes time to hang out with each other, whether it's partying in Mexico , celebrating at weddings , or even chillin' at the Nickelodeon Animation headquarters.

Former costars Jerry Trainor (Spencer Shay) and Jeremy Rowley (Louis 'Lewbert' Sline) met up at Nick's HQ recently, much to the excitement of iCarly fans on Twitter.

The guy on the left is Ben Giroux, a quadruple threat in the entertainment industry: actor, writer, producer, and director. And while his IMDb page says he never worked on iCarly , he's still part of the Dan Schneider world, having guest-starred on an episode of Sam & Cat and playing The Toddler on Henry Danger .

Giroux shared the same pic on his Instagram with the caption, 'Making silly voices today with @jerrytrainor and @mrjeremyrowley at @nickanimationstudio. Doing really subtle, grounded, nuanced stuff in the recording booth, guys.'

So, in case your mind immediately thought, 'THEY'RE MAKING AN 'ICARLY' REUNION, OMG!,' I'm gonna have to rain on your parade. Cue the booing sound effect from Sam's remote.

Also during this Nick HQ adventure, Trainor caught up with his pal Butch Hartman . Trainor voiced Dudley Puppy on Hartman's show T.U.F.F. Puppy from 2010-2014.

OK seriously guys, may we please get that iCarly reunion, already?! Please and thank you. Even it was just some kind of Spencer/Lewbert spin-off. I'd watch the crap out of that.