Tyga Drops '40 Mill' Song Snippet Produced By Kanye West

Tyga Drops40 Millsong Snippet Produced Kanye West

Everything Kanye West touches turns to gold, so when we heard Yeezy would be serving as executive producer on Tyga' s upcoming The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty , our interest was piqued. Several months removed from the announcement and we must say, we're still curious -- so thank the rap Gods that Tyga let a snippet of his '40 Mill' single fly on Tuesday (September 23).

The track, which is produced by Yeezus and Mike Dean, sounds dark and menacing with a kinetic drum roll.

'I don't wanna be famous, I just wanna be rich/ 40 mill and some acres, makeup for my bitch,' Tyga raps.

While it's only a taste of what Tyga has in store, we're ready to hear more.