Tyler Hoechlin Is Back On Teen Wolf: Here's A Refresher On His Alter Ego Derek Hale

Tyler Hoechlin Is Back Teen Wolf

Several Teen Wolf characters have come and gone over the years, but we've missed few as much as we've missed Derek Hale (played by ol' blue eyes himself Tyler Hoechlin). And yes, Allison is up there too.

We knew our favorite Alpha-turned-Beta-turned-Black-Wolf would be back, but we didn't expect to see those blue eyes so soon. On this week's Season 6 premiere, while Scott was in Beacon Hills coaching assistant coaching lacrosse and dealing in dead wolves, Stiles found himself interning with the FBI, where he learned of a major manhunt involving the one and only Derek. (We'd recognize that trademark triskelion tattoo anywhere.) Confession: This news of Derek embarking on a mass-murderous rampage throughout North Carolina totally had us spewing our Fanta, too.

Killing spree aside, we haven't seen Derek since Season 4, which means he was noticeably absent throughout the reign of the evil Dread Doctors , cray-cray Theo and the Ghost Riders . So where did we pick up last? Here's the Derek Hale debriefer you didn't know you needed:

After trading his status as top dog in order to save his sister Cora, Derek entered Beta territory again , only to be captured by hunter-turned-Werejaguar, Kate Argent. After losing his powers and regressing 20 years Benjamin Button -style at the hands of Kate, Derek partnered with Braeden for a man Werejaguar hunt of their own in the hopes of regaining his powers and simultaneously saving Scott. Derek appeared to die at the hands of a Berserker (aka one of Kate's bony minions), but he was actually reborn as an all-powerful Black Wolf. When Kate stated, 'You're dead,' Derek replied with the greatest comeback ever before kicking Kate's ass: 'No. I was evolving -- something you'll never do.'

And that's basically the last we saw of Derek... until now. What do you think the former Alpha is up to on the East Coast, you know, besides being a feral serial killer and all? And are you thrilled Tyler Hoechlin is back? Comment with your thoughts and theories, then tune in next Sunday at 8/7c.