'Ugly Betty' Gets Canceled Just Days After America Ferrera Gushed About The Show To Us

Ugly Bettygets Canceled Just Days After America Ferrera Gushed About Show Us

By Nuzhat Naoreen

Well, there go our Wednesday nights....

Variety 'Ugly Betty,' which is currently in its fourth season, will wrap up for good this April.

The news came as a surprise to us this morning, although perhaps it shouldn't have. 'Betty,' which was initially one of television's 'it' shows, was struggling big time in the ratings department. In fact, 'Betty's viewership went from 8.3 million last year, to just 5.3 million this year. That's a pretty significant drop.

Still, we're quite upset about this. The comedy, starring America Ferrera , about a young girl with big braces and bad dresses, who just happens to get her big break in the fashion world, won our hearts early on. Not to mention the fact that the show had some of the best supporting characters on TV, especially Betty's frenemies Marc ( Michael Urie ) and Amanda (Becki Newton), and her hilarious nephew, Justin (Mark Indelicato).

Yet, even as big time fans, we're willing to admit that as the seasons progressed, the show faltered with stretched plot lines (remember Daniel's sister who was really his brother?) and too many love triangles involving Betty. Of course, we still had hope it would bounce back, especially since (even with some of its more outlandish plots) the show had some of the best writing on TV!

The story lines however weren't the only things working toward 'Betty's' demise. The show also took a hit this fall, when it was moved from its usual Thursday night time slot to Fridays.

Things, however, were looking up at the start of this season, as ABC added 'Ugly Betty' to its already successful Wednesday night lineup. Even 'Betty' star America was optimistic. Watch above as she talks about how 'Betty's' audience would undoubtedly find the show in its new time slot , in an interview, shot just a few days before the show was cancelled. So sad.

There is of course one positive thing about all this...the show has a few more episodes left to go, which means fans can at least get some much needed closure. So, what would you guys like to see happen on 'Ugly Betty' before it ends its run?