The Verve Pipe Discuss 'The Freshman'

Verve Pipe Discussthe Freshman

KURT: Back in actual music news, meanwhile, straight out of Michigan and into the 'Billboard' top 20 comes 'The Verve Pipe,' ranked at number 14 on this week's singles chart with 'The Freshman,' a song that's been through a couple of incarnations on its way into the hit lists. Here's more.


ADAM CAROLLA, Host, 'Loveline': So, 'Villains' seems to have a life of its own. It's been out for a while, and some CD's get released and immediately take the nation by storm, Villains didn't do that.

BRIAN VANDER ARK: We prefer to take it slow.

CAROLLA: Right, you guys are like a venereal disease, you just creep in the back door.

MTV: The Verve Pipe's surge of popularity is largely due to the success of 'The Freshmen,' [1.2 MB QuickTime] a song that first appeared on the original version of the band's 1992 EP 'Head Injury,' and has even been remixed since Villains came out over a year


DOUG CORELLA: We've done it five, six, actually if I count the versions, we've got seven different versions we've done over the years just to try and see what would work, and what didn't work.

VANDER ARK: It started out as a folk song with me on the acoustic guitar. And then joining a rock and roll band was the dream for me, so having a rock and roll band, I wanted all the guys to play along and be able to step up to that plate.

MTV: Even in early performances when the lyrics weren't quite ironed out, 'The Freshmen' showed glimmers of promise.

VANDER ARK: I had a ton of people come up afterwards and say, 'That 'Freshman' [797k QuickTime] song is fantastic.' How can they possibly think that? I was talking about my mother's lasagna at one point, making up these things. But I knew that there was a tag there, that 'for the life of me' -- that whole idea -- people really grabbed onto it. It's exciting to have a definitive

version of it now, that this is it, this is the one we're all proud of, and we're happy.

KURT: The Verve Pipe is on tour for the rest of this month.

That's it for this edition of 'The Week In Rock.' Do join us next week when we'll be back with the teen wonders of Hanson, and the return of platforms. We'll see you then.