Video Six Pack: Bands That Influenced Green Day And Bands Green Day Influenced

Video Six Pack Bands That Influenced Green Day

In honor of Green Day being our P.U.S.H. artist of the week, we thought we'd highlight some of the bands that influenced Billie Joe Armstrong , Tre Cool and Mike Dirnt -- and some of the bands the pop-punk trio has managed to influence as well.

So let's go to the tap, shall we?

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Bands That Influenced Green Day

+ The Ramones , 'I Don't Wanna Grow Up'

From this iconic NYC band, frontman Billie Joe learned how to sing classic lovestruck pop songs over serrated punk-rock guitars.

+ The Clash , 'London Calling'

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As Green Day's music has become increasingly political, you can hear the influence of The Clash's unique brand of politi-punk.

+ The Who , 'My Generation'

To feel comfortable onstage in arenas, the NorCal trio has surely studied the power chords and teenage-angst anthems of The Who.

Bands Influenced By Green Day

+ My Chemical Romance , 'Welcome To The Black Parade'

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Green Day's American Idiot was released in 2004. Two years later, My Chemical Romance released its own politically charged concept album, The Black Parade , and also opened for its idols on tour.

+ Simple Plan , 'Shut Up'

These Canadian pop-punkers are all about infectious melodies, snotty vocals and turned-up-to-11 volume. Sound familiar?

+ Against Me , 'White People For Peace'

When it comes to bringing socially charged rockers to a mainstream audience, this new-school punk band is definitely taking its cues from Green Day's playbook.