Vin Diesel Went To The 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Premiere On Stilts

Vin Diesel Went Theguardians Galaxypremiere Stilts

In the upcoming Marvel movie ' Guardians Of The Galaxy ,' Vin Diesel plays the voice of the sentient tree-like creature Groot. Groot is super tall, friendly and only says one line, over and over: 'I am Groot.'

So I'll give you one guess how Vin Diesel dressed at the European premiere of 'Guardians,' and any guesses other than, 'Wearing a shirt that says 'I Am Groot' while walking on stilts' are disqualified.

This isn't the first time Diesel has be-stilted himself for the role. He first teased the casting on his Facebook page by walking around in a studio parking lot for 'practice.' Which, we should mention, isn't necessary because Diesel was never on set for the film .

That's right, he never appeared during filming, and only recorded his part later. This is all just Diesel being his amazing, ridiculous self. Like when he...

...Said 'I Am Groot!' with a crowd of fans.

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...reproduced that famous Bigfoot picture.

...Danced a hearty jig.

...Either signed a Samsung sign for no reason, or was testing his Sharpie.

...Ate co-star Karen Gillan's head.

...Did the classic, 'Oh no, I'm falling, JK I'm really good at stilts you guys.'

...Posed with a LEGO version of himself.

...Went to hug director James Gunn, but was too tall, because stilts.

'Guardians of the Galaxy' hits theaters on August 1. Vin Diesel will continue to be ridiculous forever.

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