Virgin Magnetic Material Delivers Downtempo Disco-Pop on 'Fascination St.' Mixtape

Virgin Magnetic Material Delivers Downtempo Disco Pop Onfascination St

Virgin Magnetic Material is a remix project by Shai Vardi, a Tel Aviv-based musician with a penchant for flipping songs into syrupy disco-pop ballads. Relative to work from groups like RAC , Vardi’s more down-tempo Fascination St. Mixtape is almost chopped and screwed in nature, where atmospherics are brought to the forefront and monochromatic melodies made all that funkier. His range of remixes are generally eclectic, hopping between refreshed iterations of Snoop Dogg and Pharrell 's 'Drop It Like It’s Hot,' the Flight of the Concords ' 'Business Time' and Marvin Gaye 's sensual Mercy Mercy.' It’s obvious, though, that Vardi has a taste for rock and roll. The Cure ’s Fascination Street (the titular inspiration) opens the mix, with remixes of Talking Heads , Jane’s Addiction , Nine Inch Nails and Interpol successively closing out the set. 'Virgin Magnetic Material is a definition from the electronic world,' reads Vardi's well-populated SoundCloud , 'describing core or shield material that has never been magnetized.' Well, we'll be stuck on this mixtape for a while.