Wait, WTF? Robert Pattinson Played Guitar On A Death Grips Song

Wait Wtf Robert Pattinson Played Guitar Death Grips Song

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If you thought Black Friday couldn’t possibly get any weirder, think again.

Robert Pattinson's avant-garde makeover (see: his relationship with FKA Twigs , his weird haircut ) continues, as evidenced by the physical release of now-defunct Death Grips' Government Plates LP. The 2013 album came out on vinyl for Black Friday—newly added liner notes list Pattinson as a contributor, as spotted by an eagle-eyed Reddit contributor.

Pitchfork reports that the notes are in fact referring to the Pattinson of 'Twilight' fame. Apparently, Death Grips drummer Zach Hill recorded Pattinson playing guitar on his iPhone, and the duo sampled the recording on their song Birds.


You can clearly hear him noodling all over the song, plucking his way through a John Mayer -esque chord progression while MC Ride snarls on top.

This isn’t Pattinson’s first public brush with the duo—last year he and Beyonce took time out to snap a pic with the brash noise-rappers.

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This also isn’t Pattinson’s first time on record. He appears as a songwriter on two songs on the 'Twilight' soundtrack—Never Think and Let Me Sign.'

We can’t wait to see where the actor's musical adventures take him next. FKA Twigs collaboration, please?