Waka Flocka Flame Tries Unsuccessfully To Clarify His Transphobia

Waka Flocka Flame Tries Unsuccessfully Clarify His Transphobia

Two days after Waka Flocka Flame made a series of transphobic comments about Caitlyn Jenner during The Breakfast Club on New York’s Power 105.1, he took to Twitter to try (and fail) at clearing up his statements.


Among other damaging, hurtful and dangerous comments, Waka Flocka Flama said that Caitlyn Jenner was, 'rebuking god,' adding, 'God ain’t put them feelings in you; that’s the devil playing tricks on your mind. That’s a test from god. If you can’t out-beat that one task, and you believe that, then you gonna believe everything else. You going down that way.

After causing a rightful uproar in the media, Waka took to his Twitter to attend to clarify his statements, while also doubling down on his stance. Waka claims that his opinions stem from his new role as a father, but he doesn't offer any specifics to clarify how a child could be negatively affected by the transgender community.

https://twitter.com/WakaFlocka/status/645302802231595008 https://twitter.com/WakaFlocka/status/645311000414023680 https://twitter.com/WakaFlocka/status/645311098799853569 https://twitter.com/WakaFlocka/status/645311223618113536

Later, he claimed that he is not homophobic and that the media is manipulating his words.

https://twitter.com/WakaFlocka/status/645311327930466304 https://twitter.com/WakaFlocka/status/645315766842032128 https://twitter.com/WakaFlocka/status/645315812752883713

Although Waka doesn't believe he's transphobic, his comments clearly demonstrate an unwillingness to engage with, understand and accept positive visibility of the transgender community in mainstream media.


Still, he has begun to engage with followers online, and hopefully, that engagement will fuel a much-needed change of heart.