Wale Spent Way Too Much Money On Uber In 2014

Wale Spent Way Too Much Money Uber 2014

My $116.50 monthly MetroCard is looking like one hell of a bargain right now.

According to Wale , he spent a whopping $1.1 million on Uber in 2014 -- an astronomical amount which he blames both on the fact that his whole team uses the same account, and that he spent too much time at French Montana's house (Yup, been there -- haven't we all?).

https://twitter.com/Wale/status/699817641305747457 https://twitter.com/Wale/status/699818427217608704 https://twitter.com/Wale/status/699819319358681088 https://twitter.com/Wale/status/700494271330312192

Even so, this is pretty staggering. As someone on Twitter pointed out to the rapper, that's over $3,000 a day.

Texas-based DrivenDFW charges $35 an hour which, if you hired a driver for every hour of the year, would come in at $306,600. So he could even have hired three drivers -- two for the rest of his team -- for the whole year, and still had some leftover from his actual bill.

Private Driver Los Angeles is just slightly more costly, at $40 an hour.

New York has some options, too. In 2009, The New York Times reported that 'a chauffeur’s pay is between $75,000 and $125,000 a year.' So, even if it's gone up over the last few years, that's still more than a few drivers that Wale could have been hired for himself and all his people.

Car rentals, perhaps, could have been another (though more aggravating) option.

Seems like better, more inexpensive days are ahead for Folarin, though. Lyft is already tweeting him 'Seinfeld' GIFs. That -- and reasonable prices -- is probably a failsafe way to his heart.