'The Walking Dead': 11 Times Glenn Survived The Impossible

Walking Dead 11 Times Glenn Survived Impossible

Warning: Spoilers through the latest ' Walking Dead ' episode are ahead!

So, there you have it! After weeks and weeks of heart-pounding, hair-pulling speculation, it's officially official: Glenn Rhee is alive. Everyone can go ahead and take a breath.

Not that we didn't know Glenn was going to be just fine, mind you, and not because we spent an endless amount of time thinking through all the possible survival scenarios and sifting through all the show's many clues , either. No, we knew Glenn would survive because this is what Glenn does. When the impossible comes his way, he finds possibilities, and lives to see another day.

Let's look back on a few of the other times Glenn defied death:

  1. The first time we met him. AMC

    He helped navigate Rick Grimes away from a herd of walkers in Atlanta, and then walked through the herd camouflaged in zombie guts. Heck of an introduction.

  2. The time he was kidnapped by scary gunmen. AMC

    Never forget the Vatos. They probably weren't going to kill Glenn, but we didn't know that at the time. Nothing a peaceful negotiation from Felipe's abuela couldn't fix.

  3. The CDC incident. AMC

    Not a unique situation for Glenn, but still a situation that could have ended in fiery death for our favorite pizza delivery man.

  4. Glenn goes down the well. AMC

    Still the grossest walker in 'Walking Dead' history.

  5. A Glenn walks into a bar… AMC

    Remember when he and Rick went out to find Hershel in town, after the first massacre at the farm? He almost didn't make it back home, thanks to Rene from 'True Blood.'

  6. Glenn goes to Woodbury… AMC

    He was brutally tortured by Merle and nearly killed by a walker while tied to a chair, and still, Glenn persevered and made it out okay.

  7. Glenn misses the bus. AMC

    When the prison finally fell, Glenn was seconds away from hopping on a bus with the more geriatric members of the community — all of whom were subsequently killed and zombified. Good thing he's not the most punctual guy on the planet.

  8. Rhee versus Ford. AMC

    How Glenn managed to punch Abraham in the face, and live to tell the tale, is something I still don't fully understand.

  9. Glenn gets an A for effort. AMC

    The first of a few times Mr. Rhee was marked for death via baseball bat, but somehow evaded his fate, thanks to a combination of Carol's one-woman-army show and his own instincts.

  10. Glenn witnesses the end of Noah's arc. AMC

    Still the goriest death in 'Walking Dead' history, and one that Glenn narrowly avoided.

  11. 'No thank you.' AMC

    Before his infamous final words, Nicholas showed Glenn the opposite of gratitude, shooting at him in the woods outside of Alexandria. Glenn could have killed Nicholas then and there, but he decided to let him live — good choice, since letting Nicholas live to die another day was ultimately the decision that saved Glenn's life.