'The Walking Dead': 19 Times Eugene's Hair Was The Flipping Best

Walking Dead 19 Times Eugenes Hair Was Flipping Best

Forget Rick. Forget Michonne. Forget Carol, Daryl and Glenn, if you can. The only person you need to remember is the true hero of ' The Walking Dead ,' and that person is none other than this guy:


Yep, that's right: Eugene Porter. And you know why? Because that dude's hair game is on point . Run your fingers through the man's silky-smooth 'do with this walk down memory lane:

  1. Will you ever forget the first time you laid eyes on Eugene? AMC

    Just creep-creep-creeping, clinging onto that radio for dear life, saying nothing — letting the hair do all the talking.

  2. It became quickly apparent that killing zombies was not exactly Eugene's thing. AMC

    Not a problem, though. His hair's a lethal weapon.

  3. The only thing more badass than Eugene's hair combined with riot gear... AMC

    ...is Eugene's hair itself.

  4. Remember when Eugene told everyone how he was going to stop the apocalypse? AMC

    Yeah, it was a filthy lie, but damn if he didn't look good while fibbing.

  5. Do you know why Eugene runs like Napoleon Dynamite? AMC

    So he can restrict his hair movement as much as humanly possible. Don't mess with perfection.

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  6. Eugene's hair is such an enigmatic force of nature that it completely baffled Glenn. AMC

    Some mysteries are better left unsolved, Mr. Rhee.

  7. 'Why the hair?' Simple answer: AMC

    Enough said.

  8. Eugene's not the only fan of his own hair game, either. AMC
  9. Well, actually... AMC

    I'd be mad at the lie, if he didn't look so dashing.

  10. Eugene even named his hair. AMC

    Tennessee Top Hat > Sorting Hat, every day of the week.

  11. Eugene's hair represents something important in the apocalypse. AMC

    It shows that he's free to be exactly who he wants to be: A dude who rocks an awesome mullet and gives approximately zero you-know-whats what you think about it.

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  12. And if you think you're getting anywhere near that thing? AMC

    Think again.

  13. What Eugene and his hair lack in fondness for sharp objects... AMC
  14. ...he more than makes up for in hydration. AMC
  15. He looks so good that no one really minds when he's acting creepy. AMC

    Hair like Eugene's is a victimless crime.

  16. Sometimes, Eugene feels alone. AMC
  17. But then he sees he's not without equals. AMC
  18. Except, really, he's kind of without equal. AMC

    This cool guy does not look at explosions.

  19. But seriously, Eugene. What's with the hair? What's the secret? AMC

    I guess that's good enough for me, friendo.