'Walking Dead': 9 Ways Glenn And Maggie Embody Your Relationship Goals

Walking Dead 9 Ways Glenn

Even in the face of armageddon, love prevails. For proof, look no further than the fact that Glenn Rhee and Maggie Greene continue to survive on ' The Walking Dead ,' against all odds.

They're not just the bright shining beacon of hope on the show, either. Their relationship is the kind of love most of us can only dream of attaining. Here's what makes them the perfect couple to look up to:

  1. It was love at first sight. AMC

    Right away, Glenn and Maggie knew they found something special in each other. If you're Glenn, how are you not impressed by Maggie's horseback baseball bat? And if you're Maggie, how are you not impressed by Glenn's… er… baseball hat?

  2. It was lust at first sight. AMC

    'I'll have sex with you.' Okay then! Right to the point!

  3. It was lust at second sight. AMC

    And the third, and the fourth… you get the point. And if you don't get the point, the point is that Glaggie's sex life is fierce.

  4. Their families get along. AMC

    Hershel and Glenn took a minute to warm up, but before long, they were like father and son. Glenn's real family is gone, but his surrogate brothers and sisters in the Grimes Gang adopted Maggie as one of their own pretty much immediately. Not everyone is so lucky; there's a reason why the word 'in-laws' comes with so much baggage.

  5. They don't care about their selfies. AMC

    Only themselves! Besides, who needs a photograph when you're never going to leave each other's side? A rare example of pure love in our crazy social media age.

  6. They never give up on each other. AMC

    Look to Glenn and Maggie's separation following the prison as an example. Even though the odds were stacked against them, they never stopped looking for one another — and that perseverance allowed them to satisfy their goals.

  7. They've survived unthinkable tragedy. AMC

    Maggie lost her home, her siblings and her father in an exhaustingly short period of time, and Glenn was always there for her as a shoulder to lean on. When one half of Glaggie is down, the other half sticks around to pick the other up.

  8. Their love is bigger than their fear. AMC

    Maggie knows just how scary pregnancy can be in the zombie apocalypse, given her role in Lori's final moments on Earth. And yet, she's powering through it unafraid, even with Glenn's possible demise on the table. (See: Point 6.) It's a great example of their courage in the face of overwhelming odds, letting their love conquer whatever fears they have about being parents in the new world order.

  9. They are immortal. AMC

    How else to explain all the near death experiences they survived? Glenn and the Dumpster is easily the most legendary incident by now, but that's just one example of how he survived impossible odds . They say love is forever, and in the case of Glaggie, it might be true, because by all accounts, these two are never going to die, ever. That's not exactly a goal you can live up to, but it's one you can admire.