'The Walking Dead': How Did Carol Become Such A Badass?

Walking Dead How Did Carol Become Such Badass

On ' The Walking Dead ,' Carol Peletier ( Melissa McBride ) has come a long way since the early days of the zombie apocalypse, back when her biggest regrets involved lacking a certain battery-powered instrument.

These days, Carol is even dirtier, for entirely different reasons.

How did she go from this:

To this?

Well, it's important to remember that even in her most innocent days, Carol was dealing with a lot of darkness. To begin with, she was the victim of abuse from her vile husband Ed.

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Even after he would victimize her, Carol would rush to Ed's aid.

Until the day that Ed met a zombie, that is.

Hours later, Carol released some well-earned pent-up rage against Ed's dead head.

But that wasn't the end of Carol's woes.

Her daughter, Sophia, became a zombie.

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It took a long while for Carol to rebound from losing her daughter, but eventually, she pushed on, thanks in large to her friendship with Daryl Dixon.

Whoa. Not like that.

Months after Sophia's death, Carol nearly died herself, during a massive zombie attack in their new prison home.

She managed to survive on her own for days, before she was found and rescued by Daryl.

That was the last time Carol needed saving, but certainly not the last time she saw death up close and personal.

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Carol became so battle-hardened that she was even able to kill and burn Tyreese's girlfriend's body, after the woman came down with an inexplicable flu.

Rick found out about Carol killing Karen, and banished her from the group. Even though she was a valuable member of their society, she violated the circle of trust.

Carol lived on her own for a minute or two, before returning to the prison and finding it in ruins. Nearby, she reunited with Tyreese (awkward!), as well as a trio of kids: Rick's baby daughter Judith, and sisters Lizzie and Mika.

Sadly, it turned out that Lizzie was a psychopath. She proved it on numerous occasions, but most especially by killing her own sister.

Carol suddenly found herself in Rick's position: She couldn't trust Lizzie to be around the other members of the group — especially baby Judith — but she couldn't just send a child out on her own into the zombie-infested wild.

So, Carol was left with only one choice.

And that's the straw that broke the Carol's back. Carol survived domestic abuse. She survived her daughter's death. She survived countless walkers. She killed the living and the undead alike to protect her friends. And then she was forced to kill a child, for the 'greater good.'

So it really isn't any wonder that Carol, just a few days later after killing Lizzie, was capable of rolling up on Terminus and doing this:

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Now, Carol's back with the group, reunited with her best living friend in the world.

Which brings us to tonight — an all Caryl, all the time episode of 'The Walking Dead.' Somehow, it's going to result in her imprisonment at Grady Memorial Hospital.

Are we nervous about whatever happens to put Carol in Grady? Sure. Of course. But we also know that Carol has survived much, much worse. If there's anyone on 'The Walking Dead' who can survive anything that's thrown their way, it's Carol Peletier.