'Walking Dead' Casts 'Twilight' Actress Christian Serratos As Rosita Espinosa

Walking Deadcaststwilightactress Christian Serratos

' The Walking Dead ' keeps growing and growing.

Not only is a spinoff series in the works, but a brand-new cast member has joined the ranks of the current 'Walking Dead' series, as it marches into its fourth season on AMC. It's 'Twilight' actress Christian Serratos , and she's playing a character familiar to fans of the comics: Rosita Espinosa.

Some minor spoilers ahead.

In the comics, Rosita makes her debut alongside Abraham and Eugene, fellow survivors of the zombie apocalypse. She's in a relationship with Abraham, and she's the object of Eugene's desires. For a while, though, she's a little more than that, so it'll be interesting to see how the show gives its own spin on the Rosita character.

A few other things worth wondering:

1. Is an Abraham casting announcement imminent? How about Eugene? Are these characters coming later, or will they appear along with Rosita, just like in the comics?

2. What about the timing of Rosita's appearance? In the comics, she doesn't show up until after a major series of catastrophic events — events that mostly haven't occurred on the show just yet. Does that mean mass-tragedy and upheaval is on the way sooner than anticipated? Or will Rosita be folded into the series ahead of her comic book counterpart?

'The Walking Dead' has taken a few liberties with characters in the past, most notably with the early demises of Andrea, Dale, and Lori, and with the late addition of Tyreese to the cast. Literally anything is possible with this show.

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