Want To Get Into Taylor Swift's Loft '89? We Have Some Tips

Want Get Into Taylor Swifts Loft89

By Jessica Norton

During Taylor Swift 's The Red Tour, I spent the entire concert screaming, crying , and bobbing mega-size Meredith cat heads in the crowd -- hoping to get picked by Tay 's team to go to the super exclusive, epic meet-and-greet soiree they called Club Red .

Unfortunately, out of the 60,000+ audience members in attendance, I did not get chosen. But this year, I have another chance! Tay is bringing the backstage fan wonderland to venues on the 1989 World Tour , but this time it's called Loft '89.

The name Loft '89 gives off super-chic, hip New York City vibes, which is no surprise since Taylor loves NYC and serves as its official tourism ambassador .

If chosen for the Loft '89 afterparty, fans get to hang out with other hard-core Swifties and meet Taylor herself, IRL, personally , AND take photos with her. I am hyperventilating just thinking about it.

Drake e Josh Crazy Steve

Taylor and her team like to keep things on the DL (to keep the experience personal and more magical) but here's what we know about Loft '89 so far...

  1. Standing Out Increases Your Chance To Score An Invite https://instagram.com/p/2P97Omjeoy/?taken-by=misakiswift13

    These girls made Incredible Things Perfume -inspired dresses and got picked to go to Loft '89 on night one of #1989TourTokyo .

  2. You Have To Get Noticed By Mama Swift or Taylor Nation https://twitter.com/nanamiswift13/status/595808953138847744

    Taylor's mom Andrea carefully watches the crowd to see which fans are the most HYPED!

  3. Making A Poster Is A Must hnn1317.tumblr.com

    The more sparkles, the better.

  4. The Exclusive Invite Looks like... https://instagram.com/p/2YBzeDjxkf/?tagged=loft89

    Mama Swift or a Taylor Nation rep will hand you a magical pink piece of paper with a meeting spot and you'll be ESCORTED BACKSTAGE.

    David Bowie no labirinto
  5. All Chill Will Be Lost Upon Entering Loft '89 https://vine.co/v/eZHH2TuTF93

    Shaking. Tears. Wildest dreams coming true, people!

  6. There Will Be Pictures With The Parents https://instagram.com/p/2TmlUxx72A/?taken-by=swiftgirl062613

    T's parents, Andrea and Scott, usually hang out with fans after the show and Taylor's dad is known to give out guitar picks.

  7. There Will be Selfies With The 1989 World Tour Dancers https://twitter.com/90sViolet/status/595877549109981184


  8. You Will Stay Hydrated https://instagram.com/p/2UkHrsDehL/

    Tay provides an assortment of refreshments.

  9. It's Not A Party Without Pizza! futabaswift.tumblr.com

    Domino's Pizza, ftw!

  10. YOU GET TO MEET TAYLOR https://instagram.com/p/2TcGz6S2Bv/?taken-by=futabaswift

    And take a super cute photo!

  11. Loft '89 Won't Happen Every Night Of The Tour https://instagram.com/p/2VzMOMMtW3/?taken-by=taylornation

    If Taylor is playing two nights in one city, she will only throw the after party on night one, as she has done on past tours for The T-Party and Club Red. The tour travels to the next city almost immediately after the second night. So keep these tips in mind and GOOD LUCK!