Watch Adele Impersonate Herself For A Hilarious Prank

Watch Adele Impersonate Herself

All over the world, millions of music lovers are sobbing into their pillows while listening to Adele 's long-awaited new album, 25 . And while the Brit singer’s penchant for waterwork-inducing ballads is the stuff of legend, she also has quite the cheeky sense of humor. It doesn’t always get translated into her music, but it’s there — and BBC has a new, hilarious skit to prove it.

With the help of some bizarre-looking prosthetics, Adele transformed herself into 'Jenny,' a soft-spoken nanny who moonlights as an Adele impersonator. She sports a fake chin, fake nose, black gloves to cover her tattoos, and even changes up her walk. All in all, it’s a hella convincing disguise.


With the help of host Graham Norton, Jenny manages to fool an entire flock of black-clad Adele impersonators. She plays the bit flawlessly: pretending to have stage fright, sneering she’s takin’ her time when the backstage chat turns to 25 , and even purposely missing her cue onstage.

But then it’s time for the big reveal, and it’s completely hilarious and heartwarming.

Let's recap these amazing reactions:

  1. The realization comes slowly and then all at once for the Adele wannabe on the left.
  2. But the one on the right was convinced 'it's not' her. YouTube
  3. Until she finally pieced it together and then lost her dang mind. YouTube
  4. Disbelief: the proper reaction. YouTube
  5. Jaws on the floor: also the proper reaction. YouTube
  6. 'That note!' Yep, once the real Adele opens up her mouth, there's no question who that voice belongs to. YouTube
  7. Then all the Adeles joined in for a beautiful singalong. YouTube
  8. And a joyful standing ovation was definitely in order. Well done, Jenny. YouTube