Watch Anna Kendrick Trade Her Cups For Classroom Instruments On Fallon

Watch Anna Kendrick Trade Her Cups

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Over five years after Pitch Perfect first captivated your ears in 2012, Anna Kendrick is still shocked by the success of 'When I'm Gone,' also known as the 'Cups' song. Who could forget this creative a capella audition?


'For the first Pitch Perfect movie, they needed to make sure everybody could sing, so I sang 'Cups' actually,' Kendrick revealed to Jimmy Fallon Monday (December 18). 'I had seen it in a YouTube video , that little rhythm thing, and so I just learned it for fun because I'm a dork.'

On The Tonight Show , however, Kendrick had to sing without her trusty plastic cups. Instead, Fallon passed out classroom instruments for her holiday performance with Darlene Love and The Roots. Behold:

Fun fact: Kendrick's titular character, Beca, was originally supposed to sing 'I'm A Little Teapot' — yes, the nursery rhyme — while auditioning for The Barden Bellas. The cast were so impressed with Kendrick's 'Cups' routine, they wrote it into the script instead. Can you imagine the Bellas belting out 'I'm A Little Teapot' onstage?

'I don't know how I was supposed to play that, so thank god they changed that,' Kendrick joked. Maybe she made it happen for Pitch Perfect 3 , which arrives Friday (December 22).