Watch Camila Cabello’s Final TV Performances With Fifth Harmony

Watch Camila Cabello S Final Tv Performances With Fifth Harmony

Fifth Harmony fans were thrilled to see five singers onstage at Dick Clark's Rockin' Eve last weekend. Their glittery performance was bittersweet, however, because Camila Cabello had already left the group on December 19 — two weeks before Rockin' Eve aired.

Turns out the girls reportedly pre-taped their New Year's Eve performances back in November , before Cabello's departure was announced. It's unclear if the girls knew about her decision during filming, as the 'informed via her representative' dates are hazy.

On the bright side, at least Harmonizers got to see their idols singing together one last time. If you missed out, you're in luck; their NYE performances were finally uploaded in full on Wednesday (January 4). Here's Camila kicking off 'Work From Home.'

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And here's their sassy 'That's My Girl' rendition:

Once you've recovered from all that slayage, try listening to what 'That's My Girl' could sound like without Cabello's crazy high vocals . But only if you're ready! It's totally OK if you need more time to process everything.