Watch A Completely Liberated Maggie Rogers Tear Up Her Song 'Burning' On Colbert

Watch Completely Liberated Maggie Rogers Tear Up Her Songburningon Colbert

At the end of last week, Maggie Rogers released her debut album, Heard It In a Past Life , a big-hearted blend of her patented earthy electronic music that doesn't shy away from exploring the complex emotions of its creator. One of the final songs on the album, 'Burning,' in particular finds Rogers joyously shouting a cathartic refrain in its chorus: 'I'm in love, I'm alive, I'm burning.'

It feels good to sing along to that on the record. You can just imagine how powerful it feels for Rogers herself to sing it in front of hundreds (or thousands) of fans — or to bring the message to The Late Show , as she did on Tuesday night (January 22) for a spirited performance with help from bandleader Jon Batiste.

Clad in a mustard jacket and pants, Rogers sings and wobbles around the stage with sheer freedom and ebullience, echoing the song's sentiment. At the song's emotional height, she whips off her jacket like she's finally unburdening herself of some immense weight. It rules.

On Twitter, she shared that the performance was one of her favorites lately — no minor feat, considering she hit Saturday Night Live just two months ago. 'I can feel myself growing,' she wrote . 'More and more sinking into my feet.'

You can hear this kind of gleeful confidence all over Heard It In a Past Life too, even in the record's quieter and more contemplative moments. Watch the full dynamic clip above.