Watch Ed Sheeran Grow Up Before Your Eyes In The 'Photograph' Music Video

Watch Ed Sheeran Grow Up Before Your Eyes Thephotographmusic Video

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If you think Ed Sheeran is adorable now, just wait until you watch his new music video for 'Photograph.' The video for the fifth single from x features numerous home videos of Baby Ed. (And Child Ed, and Teen Ed and Adult Ed.)

The super sweet clip features all ages of the singer , from infant crawls on his childhood home to his first steps to birthday parties and romps through the English countryside. It's especially nice watching old clips of Ed learning how to play instruments . Did you know that Ed began as a piano player before picking up his now-signature guitar?

The clips are a perfect match for the lyrics of the song. In the single, Ed croons, 'We keep this love in a photograph/We made these memories for ourselves.' Prepare to weep while you watch the full video below.