Watch The Gum Commercial That's Ripping Everyone's Hearts To Shreds

Watch Gum Commercial Thats Ripping Everyones Hearts Shreds

Right now, people are losing their chill and becoming reduced to actual blubbering messes to start the weekend... over a gum commercial. Yep, a gum commercial.

Extra Gum's newest ad, 'The Story of Sarah & Juan,' unwraps the romantic history of a cute young couple as it pertains to all the times they've shared gum -- from the moment they met until, well, we don't wanna spoil it.

The entire thing is set to a sobworthy Haley Reinhart version of 'Can't Help Falling In Love,' and we can actually TASTE the sweetness (which was probably the whole point, come to think of it).

Tissues recommended for a first watch of this beautiful tear-jerker.

Obviously, the reactions have been strong, but we noticed a few trends within the crowd.

There are those who seem surprised at themselves for all the sudden feels.

And those who think it says a lot about how their Friday night is going.

... Or their week/month/year/life in general because SOB.

A lot of people think Sarah & Juan's story needs to be extended, like, yesterday.

And, finally, some people just appreciate this singular transcendence of gum commercialdom as a whole.