Watch Human Dorito Chris Evans Eat Doritos From A Bag With His Own Dorito Face On It

Watch Human Dorito Chris Evans Eat Doritos From Bag With His Own Dorito Face It

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

Chris Evans is a man of many talents. He's handsome of face and strong of morals as Captain America in Marvel's 'Avengers' superhero franchise, he's a passionate Red Sox fan and he walks the world in a body that has pretty much the exact bodily proportions of a Dorito chip .

It's this last point we'd like to ruminate on some more. At a press day ahead of the release of ' Avengers: Age of Ultron ,' we took the opportunity to dive a little deeper into the saga of Chris Evans, human Dorito. Namely, has he ever noshed on a Dorito from a bag that has his face on it ? If not, doesn't it seem like time to remedy that. (Yes, things are about to get quite meta.)

Here's what happened.

  • Chris Evans knows that he's destined to a life of Dorito-isms.
  • In fact, he's accepted it.
  • Nay, embraced it.
  • Chris Hemsworth , on the other hand, is still coming to terms with this fact of life.
  • Like, just. Just so you know.
  • But Chris Evans? This is a man who has cheerfully embraced his snack-like proportions.
  • Like, this is a man who might pay money to eat a snack with his face on the bag.
  • There are important questions that need answering...
  • ...maybe another time.
  • Hemsworth sets the record straight on one burning question, at least.
  • One he's evidently been wondering about for quite some time.
  • And even after the interview ended, Hemsworth still hadn't quite had enough.
  • Dude had to go back for more.
  • Safe to say, he's quite the fan of that Dorito crunch.
  • Don't believe us? Here's the video proof.
  • And in case you were wondering, the scent of Evans/Doritos/ lingers.

'Avengers: Age Of Ultron' hits theaters May 1. Bring your own Doritos.