Watch Ice Cube Smack Kevin Hart In The Hilarious 'Ride Along 2' Trailer

Watch Ice Cube Smack Kevin Hart Hilariousride Along 2trailer

Ice Cube and Kevin Hart have reunited for 'Ride Along 2.'

The film's trailer was released Thursday (Aug. 13), and in it, Cube punches the lights out of Hart. Why? Well, this gif of Kev slapping Ice might explain it.

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Universal Pictures

Yep, from there, you can pretty much guess what happens. Cube doesn't turn the other cheek; he gets upset.

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But sadly, K-Hart has to face more than just the N.W.A icon's revenge. Here's a glimpse of the slapstick pain he had to endure in the trailer.

  • He feels Ice Cube's wrath. Universal Pictures
  • He also gets hit by a fan. Universal Pictures
  • And Olivia Munn puts the hurt on Kev, too. Universal Pictures
  • Here's the full trailer.

Despite it all, it looks like Kev and Cube are back as a dynamic duo who also have a lot of love for each other. The film's set to hit theaters January 2016.

Cube's also got more on his plate. ' Straight Outta Compton ' is set to be released tomorrow.