Watch Justin Bieber's 2010 MTV VMA Performance!

Watch Justin Biebers 2010 Mtv Vma Performance

(Credit: Getty Images)

Bieber Fever was at such at peak at the 2010 MTV VMAs that Justin Bieber had to perform outside. It was just too hot! Walls and a roof cannot contain him!

Pulling up outside of the Nokia Theater in a red vintage Cadillac, chased by dozens of teenage girls (à la The Beatles in 'A Hard Day's Night'), Bieber took to an outdoor stage to run through three of his smash hits--'U Smile,' 'Baby' and 'Somebody To Love'--bust some moves, and even play some drums.

Justin Bieber performed a rocking version of 'Baby,' with barbershop quartet-backing vocals, a full rock band and dancers (including some tiny dancers even smaller and younger than Justin!). Justin Bieber's entire VMA performance culminated with Bieber taking his place behind a drum kit to show off some incredible trap-beating skills.

Watch Justin Bieber's 2010 MTV VMA performance below.