Watch Kevin Hart And Meek Mill Roast Each Other

Watch Kevin Hart Meek Mill Roast Each Other

By Miranda Johnson

The most recent target of Kevin Hart’s comical thrashing….. Meek Mill and Dreams & Nightmares tour and not only did Kev go after Meek but by the end of the clip, he ended up roasting the rapper’s entire crew.

Next time Meek and his boys decide to crack on Kevin for his skintight jeans maybe they’ll think twice. After the many references to his Nut asthma causing slacks and several warnings, Kev went on a rampage hilariously clowning the Philly rapper’s whole entourage.You're like a f----- dark chicken nugget,' Kevin joked to one of Meek’s boys. Look how little the Louis Vuitton book bag look on his fat ass back.

Meek Mill and his team did go hard though, almost giving the comedian a run for his money. Two of Meek’s friend’s went in on Hart, one aiming at his physical features while another continued Meek’s assault on Kev’s jeans.

Kevin Hart will host the 2012 MTV VMAs. Check out his promo clip with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.