Watch Men Feel Fake Boobs For The First Time

Watch Men Feel Fake Boobs

In 2014, over 480,000 women had breast augmentation surgery.

For those of us who aren't one of them, there are a lot of questions surrounding the body modification -- not why women get them, but stuff like 'What are the long term effects?', 'What's the psychology behind getting them?' and well ... 'What do they feel like?'

In a video by BuzzFeed , six men try feeling fake breasts for the first time (implants, not like, in a lady). Beforehand the men share their preconceptions around getting a mammoplasty.

'If you're not happy with your breasts,' one of the men says, 'and you need to make them bigger to feel more confident then, I mean ... so be it!'

Then, the men hold three types of implants: a gel implant and two saline implants. One is smaller (325 cubic centimeters) and one is much larger (510 cubic centimeters) -- that one is capable of bringing a C cup to a DD cup. The men have many thoughts about that one...

Watch the full video below.