Watch MTV Artists To Watch Bea Miller, Shawn Mendes, Hoodie Allen & More Slay Everything In Sight Live Tonight At 9:45 ET/ 6:45 PT

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Need a boost to get yourself through those last few months of winter (eff you, groundhog)? Well, how about a whole passel of brand-new artists to blast until the first thaw? Oh, now you're listening, huh? Well, get watching, too -- tonight, Thursday, Feb. 5 at 9:45 p.m. ET/6:45 p.m. PT, live from the House of Blues in L.A., where we'll be streaming performances from some of our stellar 2015 Artists To Watch on .

If the words 'brand-new artists' don't get you going, allow us to offer a few more reasons why you should tune in -- courtesy of some of the acts lit up on the marquee:

  1. For Jacquie Lee 's Powerhouse Vocal Stylings

    She was a runner-up on 'The Voice,' but she's #1 in all our hearts. Just listen to the pretty .

  2. To Hear The Talent Co-Signed By Charli XCX, Ryn Weaver

    You would